GCC : Global Consolidated Contractors

Chairman Message

GCC (Global Consolidated Contractors) was founded in 2005 to serve and focus on developing companies mainly the North African region. GCC is structured to serve the needs of government national development plans as well as military resources and infrastructure. We have invested in a strong technical team to offer diverse range of services, spanning master plans to infrastructure and contracting. Our turnkey approach starts from planning design management right through implementation and future modular additions, thereby serving the benefits of complex governmental and military projects.

GCC has developed strong network chain suppliers of manufactures, subcontractors, specialists as well as government and military representatives that allow GCC to utilize its maximum capabilities to serve projects for government infrastructure. The network development also gives GCC the credibility to become the preferred logistics partners for international contractors and developers. Using our techniques and our lobbying division, we find competitive solutions for logistics and pricing methods. We consider ourselves a win-win contractor for our projects. We have developed our Research and Development team which includes strong technical and political analysts who analyze political developments closely and its impact on construction industry and strategic sectors of business such as oil and gas, defense, health care, housing, renewable energy and infrastructure.

GCC actively follows governmental policies in merging with international contracting firms and investors, acting as a key partner in the region. We currently focus on Egypt, Libya, Government of South Sudan, Sinai and Gaza strip with the headquarter in Egypt and correspondent offices in USA, Europe and Middle East. We actively became the hub for the international contractor’s project management supplier, consulting companies as their logistics partner in country.

By future expansion in Iraq and more into African countries, we believe that GCC will be a unique group of companies providing services in the most developing countries of the world.

Our teaming and infrastructure techniques management, specialists would allow us to blend quickly with our partners and provide excellent services for our projects.

We are always in developing process and we are updating our departments everyday to coop with the world technologies and enhance our services.