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- Intergas VII - Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Conference & Exhibition

GCC company have participated in the conference and  the exhibition with our sisters companies

- 2nd annual Humanitarian Links Africa Summit - Kenya on 17-18 March 2015

Mr. Mostafa Al Hassan attended the Humanitarian Links Africa Summit (HLA 2015) held in Nairobi, Kenya between 17-18 March 2015.  This important event addressed the global concerns of global relief efforts across Africa to seek solutions, and sustainable development through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP's).  The HLA 2015 Summit brought together African Government Ministry officials (Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda) , USAID, Department of State, UN Agencies (UNDP, UNOPS, UNHCR, WFP, WHO, UNOCHA, UNIDO, UNFAO),  international Funding agencies (World Bank, African Development Bank and the UK's DFID), Joint African Agencies (East African Community - EAC, and African Union), NGO's, key international humanitarian agencies (Care International, Save the Children, MSF, ADRA, World Vision, Oxfam, and Africare), Regional Security (AFRICOM), and many others.

Panels addressed topics on:  Food & Security, Water & Sanitation, Logistics & Transport, Disaster Management, Education, Healthcare, ICT, Security, and other important topics. 

- Marcopolis Interview with Mostafa Al Hassan, Chairman of Global Consolidated Contractors (GCC)

Marcopolis had an interview with GCC Chairman Mr Mostafa Al-Hassan on 23 September 2014. Mr Mostafa Alhassan Discussed Egypt stability after election of president El-Sisi, challanges when it comes doing business in Egypt and more other topics, please read the full story at the following link



- Queen Logistics City

October 2014

The Egyptian Military Forces has tasked GCC to do a feasibility study to establish a new logistics city called "Queen Logistics City", located 8 km east of Suez Canal to serve the strategic development projects within the canal region and target the international companies, foreign engineers and labors working in ongoing and future development projects in this area.

As an entity "Queen Logistics City" is about 67,500 square meters and will feature accommodation units for engineers and skilled labors, tensile conference hall in a form of tent structure, administration building, mall, recreational facilities, and emergency clinic.  

- Turkey Visit

As one of the construction leaders, GCC chairman; Mr. Mostafa Abou El Hassan, chosen among a few Egyptian businessmen on a Business trip to China as well as Turkey. This will basically happen by exposing the Egyptian calibers to examples of successful economical experiences such as the Chinese & Turkish ones, which will have its positive impact on the Egyptian economy.

A few weeks later, he was selected again among 50 businessmen to to Turkey. The objective of that visit was to enhance the Egyptian economy through involving reputable business leaders into a new phase of building Egypt & attracting new investments. The focuses in Turkey were on: investing in heavy industrial projects as well as benefiting from the Turkish experience to jump start the Egyptian economy and reach a new horizon within a few years against the challenge of a growing population.

- China Visit

In Mr. Al Hassan’s visit to China, he has explored several opportunities of cooperation between GCC and Chinese top construction companies where he opened the door for new investments to be implemented on the Egyptian land. This will have a great impact on: decreasing the percentage of unemployed youth labor population, reviving different industries and creating a free independent Egyptian economy. Alternative energy projects, infrastructure & construction projects are on top of the proposed list of development.


Global consolidated contractors’ Gcc USA corp. of Washington announced its opening up a branch in New York the branch located at131 east 66 Th street New York, NY 10065 kingsgroup@ad.com

- New automation systems in the Egyptian Metro

Egyptian Company for Metro operation (ECM) with the Ministry of transport had become with a shared vision to implement New Automatic Fare collection System (AFC) that can serve the current and coming Metro Lines that could be run by different operators. For such reason a new architecture was developed that allow the concept of having interoperable Fares for all of Metro Operators and the Vendor independent for expansion so it must be possible to have Multi vendor that can supply and implement a new stations toll Equipment and integrate with this new AFC System.

Moreover and under the supervision of the Ministry of transport the project of implementing a new ticketing and reservation system for Egypt National Railway (ENR) is in the Process of and was adopted by GCC as it will use a contactless smart card for multiple ride then the system should also build on a basis to implement Interoperable Fare Management system to integrate with external operator ENR and share the same security measures for the multiple ride ticket media and this will be the base for multimodal transportation card.

- Misrata City Survey Work

is pleased to announce that it has executed its role in the survey works of Misratah City cooperating with Impregilo an italian company which is responsible for Infrastructural Works for infrastructures and urbanisation works Misratah city in Libya