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Security Contracting

We have collective experience in solving integration challenges involving multiple vendor systems translated directly into cost savings and performance enhancements for customers. We begin every solution by working together with security consultants to assess the customer’s needs, existing assets and operational requirements.


Our strategy comprises an end-to-end solution in securing vulnerable outdoor areas. Utilizing years of experience and technical know-how, the company aligns its solution to the relevant application/market′s security risk analysis, plans, policies and procedures. We conduct comprehensive training, take responsibility for the full installation and constantly updates and refines its proactive and dynamic security approach. Our solution is completely tailored to customer needs and requirements, and can be fully integrated with third-party systems and equipment.


Markets we serve

  • Residential Sector
  • Air ports and sea ports
  • Oil and Gas Sectors
  • Transportation
  • Public Areas


We offer a comprehensive customized turnkey solution that includes the following phases:

- Studying and understanding customer requirements and concept of operations

- Performing a terrain and site survey

-           Undertaking detailed planning that is focused towards the first responders, the   

  command and control center(s) and the whole site operations

- Constructing civil and communications infrastructure

-           Integrating and implementing a range of in-house and third party systems  

   including pre-intrusion detection, physical perimeter protection, CCTV, gateways,     

   access control and any other equipment

- Commissioning and training

- Providing post-sales support


A typical turnkey solution consists of all, or a subset of the following:

- Pre-intrusion detection systems

- Physical perimeter protection augmented by sensors

- CCTV & IVA systems

- Gateway and entry monitoring

- Verification and communication systems

-           At the core of any advanced solution.

Our system results in streamlined security operations, faster response to alarms, and improved organization of stored data. The positive outcome is enhanced command, control and decision-making during both routine operations and crisis situations.

The sophistications of our systems aggregate real-time data from multiple security sub-systems in order to enhance the operator’s situational awareness.


Products and Services:

We design, procure and install the following:


  • Home Security Solutions

–     Home Security equipment is probably one of the most renowned of the nation and is designed in such a way so that it can manage the diverse needs of the owners. Let us now briefly examine some Control Panel:. It makes you aware about the exact location of the alarm generated

  • Touchpad:. Security systems usually operate with a standard touchpad. However, a user can even take additional measures to further facilitate and system status confirmed several parts of the house
  • Window / door sensors:. There are also wired and wireless door and window sensors, designed exclusively for all doors and windows that are located either on the ground, hidden by trees or out of sight
  • Motion Detector:. Home security system equipment also comes with a professional motion, skillfully distinguishes every movement in your rooms, hallways and stairs. In addition, it also reduces the number of false alarms is largely
  • Quick remote key. In addition, Shortcut control, a handy accessory, which allows you to perform multiple functions such as arming and . Disarm the alarm, unlocking doors and remove from heat and effectively
  • Sounder inside: Apart from that, there are sirens ADT procedure, which usually come with a loud beeping you aware of any situation emergency such as fire, burglary, etc.

–     Beyond that, there are a number of monitoring services, like high-tech • • Monitoring Burglar Alarm Monitoring fire and smoke • Monitoring of carbon monoxide • Flood Monitoring and temperature • 24 * 7 Emergency Service • Rapid Alert System Medical

–     There are additional benefits of GCC security advisors, first subjected to a rigorous examination on your security needs at home and eventually arrive at a solution for the same active.

–     Currently, we offer all these privileges a low monthly fee of only one day and encourages many customers to opt for the same.

–     About the author

–     Our security systems, now you no longer need to worry about the security of your home.


  • Car Parking Systems

–     We aim to maximize your business’ potential and increase the satisfaction level of customers that visit your site by enhancing the efficiency of your parking facility. We utilize our experience in traffic management and systems integration to provide professional parking management & security solutions.

–     Since we believe that each car park is unique and require customized management systems in order to achieve optimal operation, we take a systems approach in designing entries and exits, traffic flow, guidance systems, payment systems, and access management of every parking project that we handle.

  • CCTV

–     Night Vision CCTV Security Cameras

–     Dome CCTV Security Camera

–     Body CCTV Security Cameras

–     PTZ CCTV Security Cameras

–     CCTV DVRs and NVR’s

–     CCTV Lenses

–     CCTV Connectors

–     CCTV Cables

–     CCTV Switchers Quads and Multiplexers

–     Monitors and LCDs


  • Access Control Systems

–     Managed Access Control

–     Control Panels / hardware

–     Visitor Management Systems

–     Readers

–     Turn Stile Gates

–     Automation Gates

  • Swinging Gates
  • Sliding Gates


  • Perimeter Security and Protection

–     Fences and barriers

  • Gates (Sliding and Swing)
  • Bollards

–     Fence Mounted Sensors

–     Volumetric Sensors & other solutions


  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Metal Detectors

X-Ray Scanners